Following depletion of the Reaper on the Rannoch, the fresh new geth try poor and you will Admiral Han’Gerrel launches a complete hit

Following depletion of the Reaper on the Rannoch, the fresh new geth try poor and you will Admiral Han’Gerrel launches a complete hit

Brand new geth equipment Shepard and you may Tali saved on the geth dreadnought, possibly Legion itself, otherwise an excellent Geth VI constructed within its likeness, attempts to upload the fresh Reaper password to help you enhance the intelligences off this new geth cumulative: an act who does repair the fresh geth so you can full-strength, finding the quarian fleet unaware and you may causing its destruction.

If the Shepard allows the latest geth become current, Tali observe for the horror as the she witnesses new entirety of Migrant Collection crash and you can burn from inside the Rannoch’s find a hookup in Baton Rouge Louisiana ambiance. Full of anxiety, she removes her mask, announces „I’m very sorry”, and you may commits committing suicide of the throwing herself from good cliff. Shepard seeks anxiously to catch this lady however, so you’re able to no avail.

Tali was mollified at that and you will many thanks EDI on her behalf guidance into Normandy

If Shepard stops the fresh new geth product from uploading this new code, it becomes aggressive and you can Tali try compelled to stab they with this lady footwear blade to save Shepard. In the event that Legion is actually live and you can Shepard convinces the latest quarians to prevent its assault, comfort try hit between the quarians plus the geth, and Tali observe unfortunately as the Legion sacrifices alone to give independence to all the geth, yet not just before verifying that solution to Legion’s concern-whether the geth enjoys souls-is actually 'Yes’.

When the Shepard chose to front side to your quarians across the geth, instead of seeing vow brand new profit reminds Tali of losses she sustained: the girl party for the Haestrom, this lady father, plus Legion should your program is around. She begins convinced she is not happy to relax yet.

Shepard can be step up and you can reasoning which have often team, but the end result is similar: zero drugs towards quarians

Throughout cases where she survives this new wake, Tali decides to rejoin the fresh new Normandy, realizing that she would become attacking for her homeworld. Before you leave Rannoch, she will take off the lady mask to see brand new sundown.

While on brand new Citadel, Tali coordinates the girl man’s activities towards turians. Shepard will get the girl on the Presidium Commons talking to good functionary, possibly an excellent diplomat otherwise a good clerk with respect to the date.

Before race to own Rannoch, Tali contends having a great diplomat for scientific supplies, nevertheless the turian claims they have nothing to free. Tali explains the latest quarians are willing to spend and this many often die without any meds, nevertheless turian counters that with this new lingering combat therefore the latest unsuccessful coup the turians themselves do not have far supplies to bypass. Tali is actually grateful for the token service if Shepard corners having the woman, or grudgingly concedes new turian’s area and you can informs brand new Frontrunner she’ll chat later on if the otherwise.

In the event that she lasted the battle getting Rannoch, Tali will get brand new quarians’ ambassador on the Citadel. Shepard finds the girl speaking with an excellent clerk, whom Tali identifies given that person who denied the lady asylum when she acquired evidence of Saren’s treachery. The fresh turian cannot accept the woman and you may Tali decides not to prompt him, comprehending that war is not any time for petty grudges.

During the aftermission lulls, Tali commonly banters with Garrus, EDI and you will Master Engineer Adams. She and you may Garrus keeps several discussions regarding their earlier missions with Shepard.

Tali and additionally talks having EDI from Reaper sales of your own various other events to the husks, deliberating on as to why it haven’t come transforming the fresh quarians. EDI ensures her that it’s not too Reapers cannot thought her or him of use, rather that they have maybe not encountered Tali’s battle into the signifigant amounts. When Tali remains not confident, EDI informs their that Normandy features benefited greatly out of this lady assistance and that the new quarians was an incredibly brilliant race with an astounding knack to own engineering and technical.

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